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Angela Wilkins-Green

I am an International Coaching Federation-trained Mindset Coach who specialises in supporting women in midlife, who are seeking to dismantle the overwhelm and anxieties that are holding them back – opening the door to a more satisfying and fulfilled life.


To support my clients fully through this midlife transition, I am a Licensed Menopause Champion, as part of the Menopause Experts Group, and am an expert in helping my clients positively move through the psychological and emotional aspects of menopause.

This challenging life stage can develop anxieties, self-limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence you may have never experienced before.

I partner with you to support and guide you through this unfamiliar territory and turn your vision for your life into reality.

See here for a full list of how working with me will benefit you.

My Mission

My mission is to empower women in their 40s and 50s, guiding them to take control of their menopause
to feel Empowered, Energised and Fearless.

My Values

As a mindset coach, my business is built on the foundational values of honesty, openness, and trust. I believe in creating an environment where you, as my client, feel empowered to explore your challenges and aspirations with unwavering honesty. Through open and transparent communication, I strive to create a safe space where you can share your experiences, thoughts, and goals without judgment.


Honesty forms the foundation of my coaching philosophy, as I am committed to providing straightforward and candid support and guidance. By embracing openness, I encourage you to explore new perspectives, challenge assumptions, and navigate the complexities of personal and professional growth. Trust is the cornerstone of our coaching relationship, as I prioritise building a strong, and confidential partnership that allows you to feel secure in your journey towards positive transformation.


I am dedicated to upholding these values throughout our coaching partnership, ensuring that you not only achieve your desired vision but also experience a coaching relationship founded on integrity and mutual respect. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where honesty, openness, and trust are the guiding principles for meaningful and lasting change.

My Purpose

My purpose is to extend a supportive and guiding hand to women who, much like me, find themselves grappling with the psychological impact of menopause. I understand the toll it can take; having navigated through these challenges myself, leading me to unexpectedly part ways with a career I loved. The psychological symptoms of menopause stripped away my identity, confidence, and sense of purpose, leaving me feeling lost, lonely, and uncertain about the future, with a genuine fear of how to move forward.


In response to my transformative journey, I am committed to offering guidance and support to as many women as possible who are experiencing similar struggles during this life transition. Through my coaching services, I aim to empower women to reclaim their identity, rebuild confidence, and rediscover purpose. I want to be the beacon of guidance that I wished I had during those challenging times, helping my clients navigate through uncertainty and become fearless through change.


Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, where I leverage my personal experiences and professional expertise to provide a safe space for women to explore, heal, and thrive. 

My Background

I grew up in Buckinghamshire and studied Business Studies and the Performing Arts at college. I have always been about balance – very structured and methodical, with a love of numbers but also a creative edge. After working for the NHS, I transitioned into a highly successful 25-year career in retail buying and merchandising, holding numerous strategic, marketing, and commercial directorships in major fashion, lifestyle, and interiors brands.


While leadership roles played a foundational part in my journey to coaching (I excelled at work because I loved relationship building and nurturing a team – to witness personal transformation is wonderful) a strong female boss and a two-day coaching course for female executives sparked my dedication to self-improvement proper. It was the first time I’d explored who I am and what really made me happy which, for me, is the key to great coaching. The ability to be truly heard, particularly in a world of chaos and obligations, is phenomenally important.



Menopause & Coaching

When adversity arrived in the shape of redundancy and, aged 42, the unexpected onset of perimenopause (I was totally unaware of what was happening and felt like my world was falling apart) coaching kick-started a transformative new chapter for me. When I started experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, coaching was vital to helping me realise that these new sensations weren’t suddenly who I was. I want to support as many women as possible in that situation, and others, to fulfil their potential too.


I believe that my deep sense of intuition and ability to listen are my superpowers – They are tools I've used, and now develop in others, in order to “move through fear” and uncover the most rewarding personal pathways. You have to step into fear before you can move into action, and it’s the action that makes all the difference. My coaching helps women see what’s holding them back, to acknowledge that fear, and do ‘the thing’ anyway.

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