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The 9-month 'Menopause Mindset Method' programme offers a unique and specialised approach tailored to the distinct needs of women in their menopause transition.  If you are looking for a coaching relationship, tailored specifically for you to enhance your well-being to feel energised, empowered and fearless, this is the programme for you.

 The programme specifically targets the cultivation of personal resilience and empowerment. Over the course of 9 months, we partner intensively to strengthen your ability to thrive throughout challenges, enhancing your overall well-being.

The long-term commitment allows for a more in-depth exploration of strategies, solutions and beliefs which are holding you back. This extended timeframe enables a thorough understanding of your  journey, facilitating a comprehensive approach to building the life you love.


The Mindset Mastery Programme ensures a personalised approach for a more intimate experience throughout the 9 months.  The programme integrates wellness strategies to support your physical and mental well-being, with an emphasis on holistic wellness threaded throughout our one-on-one sessions, fostering sustained peak performance and success.

The programme is designed to not only address immediate challenges but also foster your long-term growth.

We work together to strengthen your resilience, ensuring you thrive consistently throughout the year and your future.


The Menopause Mindset Method
Designed for You


I work with women in their 40s and 50s, juggling demanding careers and family life but experiencing a negative shift in their physical, mental and emotional well-being. You might be experiencing a lack of confidence you have never felt before, your energy levels have dipped, you're tired and feeling irritable and you and your relationships are beginning to suffer as a result. You recognise the need for change and are seeking ways to rekindle your energy and sense of fulfilment.


My Menopause Mindset Method Programme is tailored specifically to your needs, goals and desired outcomes.

During your programme, we will focus on your current reality, the significant topics you need to address and how you will take action.

We will use breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing, and I will create a safe space for you to feel confident in being completely open and honest with both you and me.

We will, in partnership take you from surviving to thriving and I will be with you personally, every step of the journey.


The programme is designed over a 9-month period,  but can be adjusted to suit individuals' needs. You will have my undivided attention for the entirety of the programme, with all of the coaching taking place 1-2-1, over Zoom.  A personal messaging service on Voxer is included, where you can access additional support from me between our sessions.

See the diagram below for more information on the transformational journey you will take.


Finding the right coach for you is vital to ensure you will reach your desired outcomes with someone you trust and feel safe to open up to.

I can provide this safe space because I have been in your position.

The unexpected onset of perimenopause aged 42, turned my life upside down and after two years of struggling, resulted in me leaving a career I had loved for 25 years.

Through coaching, I have managed to turn that experience into a positive force and my purpose is now to help women who feel like I did and support them to take back control.

Investment and Booking

The programme is £3000 per person and can be booked and paid in full by using the Secure Your Programme button below for a start date within 10 working days.

Or schedule a free call for further information or to set up a payment plan.


The Journey

The Menopause Mindset Method Journey
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