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Menopause Training for Organisations

Welcome to a new era of workplace well-being for women in midlife.

As a Licensed Menopause Champion in proud partnership with the Menopause Experts Group, I am here to collaborate with your organisation and drive positive change during this significant life transition.

Why Choose a Licensed Menopause Champion?

Licensed Menopause Champions have trained with the Menopause Experts Group, receiving first-class education from experts in the field of Menopause.  Founded by Dee Murray, a former Advanced Psychotherapist, they have an advisory board made up of experts including Dr Vikram Talaulikar, a Specialist in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospitals, Dr Fiona Schneider, Gynaecologist and specialist Women’s Health Trainer, and Debbie Lethby, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Specialist in Women’s Health in Midlife.

My presentations are designed to fit seamlessly into your organisation, engaging employees, HR leaders, and executives.

Female presenting to an audience

Whether you're creating a safe space for employees to understand menopause, fostering inclusive conversations among diverse groups of individuals, or guiding senior leadership in implementing supportive policies, I customise my content to suit your organisation's specific needs. We'll explore the reasons behind menopause, what it is, why it happens, how we might feel and how we can help our symptoms, address its impact on relationships, both personal and professional, and understand what you can do as an organisation to better support you colleagues.  I will empower your organisation and all of its employees to navigate this life transition with knowledge and compassion. 

Benefits of Partnering with Me as a Licensed Menopause Champion

Presenting to a virtual audience
Female presenting to a large, diverse audience

Partnering with a Licensed Menopause Champion brings an array of invaluable advantages to your organisation.

A Licensed Menopause Champion promotes inclusivity by fostering open conversations about menopause, breaking down stigmas, and ensuring that all employees feel heard and supported.

With a focus on mental and physical well-being, a Menopause Champion equips employees with the knowledge and tools to navigate menopause, reducing stress and promoting a positive work environment.

By addressing the unique challenges of menopause and offering support and guidance, a Menopause Champion contributes to reducing absenteeism and boosting overall employee attendance and productivity.

Recognising and addressing the needs of your employees going through menopause, enhances morale and fosters a sense of belonging, contributing to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

Positioning your organisation as a leader in supporting diversity and inclusion, working with a Menopause Champion can enhance your reputation and attract top talent.

A Licensed Menopause Champion provides valuable insights into developing menopause-friendly policies, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the curve in creating a supportive workplace culture.

I tailor presentations to your organisation's unique dynamics, making the content relevant and impactful for employees, HR leaders, and executives.

Working together to understand and adopt new working practices and introducing a menopause policy, reduces the risk of potential legal action from employees.

Working with me contributes to a positive organisational culture where employees feel valued and supported, leading to increased loyalty and retention.

It provides an opportunity for professional development, equipping your workforce with valuable skills to navigate menopause-related challenges.

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