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What is a Mindset Coach?

Mindset coaching is a transformative journey that empowers you to rediscover your inner strength, purpose, and resilience. It's about breaking free from limiting beliefs and societal expectations to embrace a mindset of abundance, possibility, and self-love. Through personalised guidance and support, you'll learn to navigate challenges, embrace change as an opportunity for growth, and cultivate a deep sense of worthiness. It's a process of uncovering untapped potential, redefining goals, and embracing the beauty of this transformative phase of life. With mindset coaching, you can rewrite your stories, reclaim your power, and step into a future filled with passion, purpose, and limitless possibilities.

What Is A Life Coach
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I work with women on a one-to-one basis, both privately and through global organisations, supporting women who are navigating the psychological changes that come with the effects of peri/menopause. You might be experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, and decreased energy levels, which can impact your ability to perform at your best in your personal and professional life. Clients include female Executives, Senior Leaders, & Entrepreneurs, all women who are striving for that next chapter in their life or career.  You are looking for strategies to manage your symptoms and maintain focus and productivity. You might also be experiencing feelings of isolation or loneliness as you navigate this stage of life, you will be provided with a supportive space to process these emotions.  The process is a collaboration to identify your goals and develop personalised strategies to help you thrive during this phase of your life.

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The Coaching Journey

Coaching is different for everyone and I offer flexibility throughout your journey.  You'll start with a free 30 minute consultation, over Zoom.  This is a chance for us to get to know each other, for you to briefly describe why you're seeking coaching at this time, and for me to explain the programme and offer you the chance to ask any questions.    All sessions take place over Zoom unless the locality permits face-to-face sessions.  If you decide I am not the right coach for you after the consultation, there will be no obligation to continue.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Benefits of Mindset Coaching for Menopause

Menopause can be a challenging time for many women, but coaching can provide numerous benefits during this transitional period. As a globally accredited mindset coach, I will work with you to navigate this stage of life with confidence and clarity.

The key benefits of working with me as your coach are:

>Building confidence and increasing self-worth to better connect with yourself, and others.

>Navigating the psychological effects of all stages of the menopause in order to thrive through the transition.


>Developing the ability to live joyfully in the present, while also establishing the clarity of thinking to enjoy planning for the future.


>Understanding and implementing healthy boundaries at work, at home and with friends.


>Learning how to structure your life and mindset to form and maintain positive habits.


>Dismantling feelings of self-doubt, including overwhelm and imposter syndrome, to overcome obstructive fears and anxieties.


>Handle everyday stresses more effectively to avoid or recover from burnout.


>The ability to step beyond your comfort zone to explore new possibilities in every area of your life.


>Understanding and using your intuition in order to make more positive, values-oriented, and individualised life choices.


​>Easing anxiety to improve sleep and a general sense of wellbeing.


>Finding the tools to prosper professionally, including potentially uncovering new pathways to career success.


>Support and/or develop wellbeing in the workplace policies and programmes.

If this sounds like it could bring you the benefits and results you desire, contact me today to schedule a call, by filling out my contact form or booking a free consultation.

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