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Mindset Coaching
For Women in Midlife

Take Back Control and Become Fearless Through Change

Mindset Coaching Designed For You


I work with exceptional women in their 40s and 50s, juggling demanding careers and family life but experiencing a negative shift in their well-being. 

You might be experiencing a lack of confidence you have never felt before, your energy levels have dipped, you're tired and feeling irritable and you and your relationships are beginning to suffer as a result. 

You recognise the need for change and are seeking ways to rekindle your energy and sense of fulfilment.


My Mindset Mastery Programme is tailored specifically to your needs, goals and desired outcomes.

During your coaching sessions, we will focus on your current reality, the significant topics you need to address and how you will take action.

We will use breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing and I will create a safe space for you to feel confident in being completely open and honest with both you and me.


My coaching programme takes place virtually over Zoom and at a time to suit you.  I offer flexibility throughout our time working together, with sessions taking place during the working day, and early evenings.

The programme is designed over a 9-12 month period, with 9 x 1-hour sessions but can be adjusted to suit individuals' needs. Included in the programme is an additional 1-hour personalised menopause discussion, to aid you in navigating this life transition, which usually begins in your 40s.


Finding the right coach for you is vital to ensure you will reach your desired outcomes with someone you trust and feel safe to open up to.

I can provide this safe space because I have been in your position.

The unexpected onset of perimenopause aged 42, turned my life upside down and after two years of struggling, resulted in me leaving a career I had loved for 25 years.

Through coaching, I have managed to turn that experience into a positive force and my purpose is now to support women who feel like I did and support them to take back control.


Angela Wilkins-Green

An International Coaching Federation trained Mindset Coach who specialises in supporting midlife female executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace their future, and understand how they can transform their life vision into reality, by overcoming the fear that is holding them back.


To support my clients fully, I am a Licensed Menopause Champion, in partnership with the Menopause Experts Group, and am an expert in helping my clients positively move through the psychological, and emotional aspects of menopause.

This challenging life stage can develop anxieties, self-limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence you may have never experienced before and so I partner with you to support and guide you through this unfamiliar territory and turn the vision for your life into reality.





Tailored for executives, leaders and entrepreneurs my virtual one-on-one coaching sessions provide a dedicated and confidential space for you to explore innovative perspectives, surmount challenges, and gain clarity. Immerse yourself in a strategic partnership that delivers the optimal level of challenge to achieve the results you desire, all within a supportive and private setting.


Menopause Training for Organisations

In Partnership with the Menopause Experts Group, my Menopause Presentations and Workshops are designed to provide valuable insights for all employees, irrespective of gender, age, or status. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of the menopause. The sessions empower attendees with knowledge on how to support themselves and their colleagues effectively during this transitional phase.


Coaching for Business Leaders & Managers

Tailored individual coaching within organisations provides leaders and senior managerial employees with a unique opportunity and secure environment to openly address their challenges, express concerns, and articulate their goals. This fosters a culture of open communication and trust, cultivating a more collaborative and empowered workplace.


Book An Appointment

It is easy to book your free 30-minute consultation, follow the link below and head to my bookings page, where you can simply choose a date and time to suit you.

Marie-Anna, Director of Global Solutions

"Angela's unique ability to listen is incredible.  She allowed me to open up in a supportive environment.  At times when I got upset, Angela's great technique to listen allowed her to ask me the right questions, which made me open up even further.  I felt like by her listening and me opening up a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders after my session with her."

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